Oh Snap! Gallery Exhibition

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Oh Snap! Gallery Exhibition

We have an amazing photography/digital exhibition coming up THIS WEEKEND: Jun 24 at 3 PM to Jun 25.

There are four amazing women taking part Ruth Ruach, Rukaya, Nynno Bel-Air and Liyat Haile.

  1. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Liyat Getachew Haile is a self-taught photographer who enjoys candid documentary-style photography. Having lived and travelled across Africa, Europe and North America before settling in Australia, her passion for photography grew from initially capturing nature and urban settings to capturing emotions and story-telling through images.

    In 2013, Liyat entered her photos in a contest called “Spark! The Future”. Two of her photos were selected and exhibited for charity at a gallery in Sydney. This spurred an interest in pursuing a career in photography. Since then, Liyat has volunteered her photography and editing skills for non-profit organisations and her photos have been published in newsletters and featured online.

  2. Nynno Bel-Air is a fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Europe and raised across Africa and Australia, she has a penchant for exploring global culture through the arts, gaining inspiration and insight from the world’s vibrant subcultures. Working in both digital and 35mm film, her work has an air of moody passion and dreamy nostalgia, which combine to direct her own distinctive photographic style. She has featured in Spook Magazine, photographed Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017, exhibited in the Global Women’s Project and Independent Photography 2016.
  3. Ruth Ruach is an aspiring photographer and writer who uses art to understand herself, explore elements of her surroundings, to find comfort within her blackness and to bring light to the things that have been darkened. Ruth’s art explores the experiences of being an African in the diaspora, and the after effects of assimilating to western culture.

    She’s exhibited in Connection Arts Space as a part of Nyasukeji.

  4. Our last artist to be introduced is Rukaya. At only 18 years old, she is definitely an artist to be watched. She’s a self-identified intersectional feminist/activist/socio-political artist that focusses on people of colour (POC) as her main subject matter. She believes everyone should try their best to be intersectional activists and try to promote equality through equity in whatever way they can, and for Rukaya that means to tell the stories of POC and highlight the struggles through her art. “It’s so important to have discussions about these very relevant issues in order to get to a place of equality”.

    She is exhibiting in NGV Top Arts 2017, Linderberg Galleries with a commissioned piece, and was featured in Be Collective Culture as well as nominated as their MVP of the month.



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